About Company

Very few people know the potential of the soya bean. Future of healthy nation lies in Soya bean. Our dream is to provide the healthy food at affordable price.The Seed of “Tofu” was born in India early in 1976,when the founder of Vega Industries , Shri, Arvind Chandra visited Cornell University in the Newyork, United states of America. The concept of introduction of this product in India and its similarity to Tofu (Cottage Cheese) was discussed there. Nothing happened for 10 years but then Mr. Chandra decided to chunk up his cushy job and takes the plunge. The Company named Vega Industries started functional in 1986. Mr. Chandra was Pioneer in the soya food products in India. There was hardly any standard literature available. So the machinery had to be designed from scratch and hope it worked as there was not a single functional manufacturing unit in India.

Over the years the tofu manufactured by Vega Industries evolved to a Tofu like consistency and it became more tofu and less tofu. Most of the soya units follow the norms set by Vega Industries. Founder Mr. Chandra was a degree in Chemical Technology from IIT Kharagapur. He had worked in food industry for 10 years with Parle as a Senior Executive in Product management. Then in cosmetic company,Shringar Cosmetic as General Manager Marketing and R & D. All partners are well qualified with global vision.During last 10 years our products have captured the place of pride in Mumbaikars heart. We are ready with products and technologies and specially built machineries. We are now expanding shortly in other cities of Maharashtra and of course in global market.

Why Us ?

We take all the efforts to provide best quality and Hygienic. We continuously develop new products and processes. We believe in long term relations. We value our customers. Our customers and their suggestions


We believe in our team consisting of Skilled and health conscious workers, Quality controllers, Technicians, Engineers, Doctors, Sales and marketing experts, Procurement personal etc. We strive for excellence.


Our First step towards this goal is to provide health giving products at affordable rates. We have started with Soya products like soya milk, soya tofu and soya flour. En route we will assimilate knowledge, develop capabilities and manage a unique collective enterprise to benefit all the stakeholders.


Vega will be an innovative enterprise having responsible concern for all stakeholders including farmers in the field to consumers eating the products. It will strive to generate optimum value for all the associates, partners and stake holders through constant innovation and adoption of the best practices encouraging creativity, value for new thinking and using appropriate technologies.